This selection of Pima County jail inmate grievances about medical care dates from March 1 to March 30, 2023. Health care in the jail is provided by the for-profit company NaphCare.

These grievances were received from a public records request by Arizona Luminaria. Some grievances include staff responses and appeals, some do not. We will be adding more as we receive them.

Read through texts of selected grievances below or look at them in their entirety in this pdf file.

Read more about medical care issues in the jail here.

Submitted 3/30/23 11:27
I have been diagnosed with hep. C, I was taking mavyret which is the cure on the streets. By law medical was supposed to continue my care and failed to do that. In turn what I get is a death sentence. I have tried to deal with medical and I keep getting a road block and threats. My care (health) has nothing to do with security yet security wants to make threats for me trying to get care? The messsage the D.O. put up is unnecessary and ridiculous and plain disrespectful. It is also not his place to be answering grievances that are placed on him. Thank you!
Staff response: Your medical records, labs and historical hepatitis treatments were reviewed by our regional medical director and the decision was made not to continue your treatment.
Escalated: [Redacted] has escalated the grievance on 03/31/2023 09:57 – 07:00 Response: (Jensen vs shinn) clearly states that Arizona has to continue my care for “Hep C”. I fall under that category as well as a chronic care patient unless I’m told that I’m cured then Medical, PIMA COUNTY JAIL and Sheriff’s Department are giving me a death sentence. I find it a severe lack of concern, and disrespect to have to go through this and fight for my life in superior court now in your court. I’m not asking for a miracle or virgens to be sacrificed I’m asking for what I have coming. It is simple and clear as day to me now why Medical and their Department as well as the Sheriff’s Dept. doesn’t want me having my medical file and why the threats of limitations come in message’s from administration. As sad as it is and I’m hoping one day someone will get it right I have to fight a slow death cause you Guy’s failed as a system or entities or what you choose to call it. I’m gonna take my college educated self and put it to good use. I’m gonna keep stacking my claim cause this is sad very sad. Thank You for your time! Respectfully [Redacted by AZ Luminaria].

Submitted 3/11/23 11:31
I have been hear about a year and every kite or request I have put through to medical, dental, and mental health do not get answered on our side. I have been told by the hygienist she responds to ALL kites yet I have never received any on my end of the tablet system! I never know if any of my medical/dental/mental health requests are received, responded to or even erased! This is crazy like sending a message into a black hole! The only time I know they receive or have seen my requests is if (usually months later!) I get called out for it! This system sucks!
Make sure medical requests and responses are dealt with in a timely manner!!! We understand it can take time to see people…
Staff response: Please address your concerns with your specialist. Your requests are being answered by the medical, dental and mental health departments. Medical does not control the tablets or what is seen on them.
Escalated: [Redacted] has escalated the grievance on 03/16/2023 20:53 –
07:00 Response: I know there are HIPPA concerns and security concerns regarding the cross dissemination of medical related information which could cause all sorts of embarrassing and illegal belief that my information is not crossing over from medical back to my tablet is well founded! I have been hear a year and was told at dental all my kites are responded to! That is impossible and a lie as I believe I have only EVER SEEN ONE OR TWO OF ALL MY MEDICAL KITES RESPONDED TOO! Escelate please.
Staff response: All request are uploaded and in your medical record. If you are able to see the providers you are requesting to see for them to tell you in person they are responding to them then your request are being processed. Should you have concerns about the tablet please speak to your specialist. thank you.
Escalated: [Redacted] has escalated the grievance on 03/20/2023 20:15 –
07:00 Response: The specialist shouldn’t be privy to my medical correspondence. I am not sure how you qualify that as a response! Escalate to someone who understands the intricacies of medical correspondence, HIPPA, and peoples protected health care info!

Submitted 3/23/23 11:51
I have sent at least 5 medical requests
I’m feeling like crap. tight chest, sharp shoulder pains.
I have been on heart medication since I was 9 years old.
I have had 2 heart attacks in the last 5 years, 5 in my life. 
Medical cut off my god dang heart medication with out seeing me to ask obvious questions or even take a blood pressure reading?
I have sent at least 5 requests saying my medication is screwed up AGAIN and have got no answer, no call to medical, no nothing. 
I need my heart medication before I have another heart attack that would be 100% preventable had they listened to anyone of my requests and got me my medications.
This is the 3rd frickin time in 6 frickin months my heart meds have ran out and I have to tell them. This issue don’t exist outside this place!
Even when I tell them multiple times they do nothing.
This is gross negligence at this point. 
I want my medication dispensed as directed EVERYDAY as my doctors and their prescriptions say so. This is NOT hard.
Staff response: A provider has reviewed your cart and has reordered Lisinopril 40 mg in the am. This medication had expired on 3/1/23 and had not been ordered.

Submitted 3/23/23 18:39
Tried telling a Sergeant and Submitted a Request to Mental Health the Request/specialist tab isn’t working
For the past 3–4 weeks I’ve been struggling with my anxiety and depression I’ve been trying to cope and handle it the best I can most of the day 9/10 I’m falling more and more into a depressed state followed by uncontrollable anxiety at times I start to lose faith and doubt my self I feel things are getting worser everyday. 
Trying to get through to mental health.

Submitted 3/16/23 20:05
Details: I get a prescription for my arthritis and it ended again and I would like it restarted please because if not my joints lockup and I’m unable to work. My release date is April 13th and don’t understand why I have to keep putting these requests in every couple weeks. Can it just run until my release date. 
Have my prescription started again.
Staff response: You have been schedules a visit in medical for your concerns. The medication you are requesting is not indicated for long term use.

Submitted 3/04/23 17:40
Told her I had fallen climbing upon my bunk, told me medical was too busy. I have a hip replacement and I need to be taken
I need medical attention, asap
To be taken to the hospital.

Submitted 3/15/23 10:58
I have a broken back and won’t give me tramadol for pain for my pain. My pain level is over eight all day everyday!
Been asking for two weeks. 
My back is broken and when went to hospital other day they put me on pain meds right away.!!
I want something for pain.
Staff response: You are receiving tramadol twice per day for your pain.

Submitted 3/14/23 20:59
I had small egzima patches on my left and right thigh and my left arm. They burn and itch and getting worse each week and are open wounds, been dealing with this for over 2 months and need help please.
Staff response: You are scheduled with sick call to address your concerns

Submitted 3/14/23 17:09
I have a couple of grievances I filed against a nurse for assault I didn’t know her name until today because she lied to me about it her name is [REDACTED]. She assaulted me.

Submitted 3/02/23 12:06
I’ve put in several mental health request and still haven’t been seen. I’m SMI and need my Meds. I’m SMI and have been on medication through Codac for years. Since 2013 I have been a SMI determination. I’ve been on a regiment through Codac that was court ordered by the Federal court for me to take.
I’ve been in here since 01/23/2023 and I still have not been seen by the provider or started my medication regiment that works for me. I’m now exhausting my administrative remittance. Next will be law suits.
I want to see the mental health provider. So I can start my medication regiment that works for me. Bupproprion and Gabepienten.
Escalated: [Redacted] has escalated the grievance on 03/11/2023 08:46 – 07:00 Response: Because I have been taking my medication regiment since 2013 and it had been working for me. When seen by the “NP” Nurse Practitioner, she was extremely bias and choose to used prior client/inmates behavior patterns as her way of making a mental health medical decision. Resulting in the attempt to reevaluate my SMI determination. I have been court order from prior Federal courts to take the meds that work for me. Not become another genni pig for major pharmaceutical companies because a Nurse wants to used other prior inmates behavior patterns as her way of professional practice. I have already began the legal process through my attorney and will be requesting through court my correct medication.

Submitted 3/06/23 17:05
I haven’t received methadone since I’ve been here. [Redacted by AZ Luminaria] just laughed and shut the door and locked away. I was taking methadone on the outs and I haven’t received any since I’ve been here.
Staff response: you were seen by the MAT Nurse and you do not meet the criteria for MAT services at this time

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